Adolf HitlerBy Kayla Wilson, Hannah Webber, Haley Boone, and Shelby TolerHitler's Early Childhood and Teenage Life

Adolf Hitler was born in Born in Braunau am Inn, Austria, on April 20, 1889. Hitler’s father was alois schickelgruber Hitler. Adolf’s father was 52 years old. His mother was a young peasant girl named Klara Poelzl. Both were from lower Austria. Adolf Hitler as a young child was very disconnected and bared a grudge as a young child. Adolf had an unsteady temper and was very rebellious to his strict father. He loved his mother who was hard working and loveable. His mother died of cancer in 1908 and it shattered Hitler the wrong way. Adolf left school at only the age of 16. He had a dream of becoming a painter. In 1907 Adolf left home and went to Vienna. He went to go into the Viennese Academy of Fine Arts he was rejected and lived a nonexistent life of moving around, never actually having an official home. His view on people started to change and kept this view for the rest of his life. This began his pure hatred for Jews. He jumped around from odd jobs to odd jobs and on his spare time would argue and debate in cafes to anyone who would listen and debate back. He then studied in school and picked up “purity of Blood that remained constant with him till the rest of his career because of his brutal violence that want of blood from him. Hitler’s career later started in WW1.
Hitler as a Child
Hitler as a Child

Hitler Takes Control
Germany was facing many economic problems like payments to France which caused loss of property in the Ruhr Valley, Inflation, German money became worthless. Germany was started to piece itself together, but then the Great Depression hit. Adolf Hitler wrote a book called the Mein Kampf which outlined the vision of the Nazi and who they were. In 1933, the President of Germany, Paul Von Hindenburg, names Adolf Hitler the leader of the Nazi party as chancellor of Germany. About a year later, Adolf was dictator of Germany, and he started planning a Third Reich and organized the Gestapo. In 1935, he wanted to take away the Jews citizenship in Germany, so he made the Nuremberg Laws. In the Laws it demanded that Jews could not marry non-Jews, could not teach at schools, could not publish books, etc. Then on November 9th and 10th, on the night known as Kristallnacht or night of the broken glass, Jewish communities were attacked in Germany, Austria, and Czechoslovakia. Adolf Hitler made this happen because he wanted to attack the Jews.

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Hitler and The Holocaust

On 30 January 1933 after Adolf Hitler became the chancellor of Germany. He began to Boycott of Jewish businesses (on 1st April). Jewish businesses were forbidden to advertise. Most Jews dismissed from employment in the public sector in Germany and most Jewish students expelled from university. Harsh proportion imposed on numbers of Jews in most professions. Jews banned from working for the media and the stage. The Jews were stripped of German citizenship by the Nuremberg Laws in September 15, 1935. Their passports were stamped with a large J. 1938 Jews banned completely from many professions such as being able to teach or not being able to do anything in the medical field. Jews were forbidden to own firearms. Kristallnacht (the night of broken glass) November 1938 ended business by Jews and the first mass arrests with 30,000 Jews sent to concentration camps. Jews banned from owning businesses. In 1939 Poland was invaded and the ghettos were established. On 1939 most big cities Jews were ordered to move into designated Jewish apartment blocks. There were Curfews imposed on Jews, Forbidden to own radios, cars or even bicycles. The 1941 attack on the USSR, and the Einsatzgruppen are let loose against the countryside where they murdered more than a million Jews. On January 20,1942 - the Wannsee Conference co-ordinated the framework for the systematic extermination of the Jews. was the mass murder or genocide of approximately six million Jews Hitler kills himself on 30 April 1945. The Holocaust ended on V-E Day, 8 May 1945.

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